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Improving Your Company's Cloud Enablement

Lift & Shift
Lift & Shift, also referred to as rehosting and refactoring, is when your existing in-house infrastructure is migrated onto a cloud network with as few changes as possible. A lift & shift of your business will make it easier for employees to work remotely, from whatever digital assets are currently available to them. Rather than being bound to an office setting, employees can find the perfect work situation while still accessing all the information they need to do their work effectively. A lift & shift allows for easier modernization and re-architecture of existing business elements while effectively utilizing cloud services for accelerated efficiency. The migration of existing applications and associated data onto a cloud model can be achieved without redesigning an entire app, making it an economical option for many businesses to consider as they consider moving towards remote and mobile work.

Cloud-Native Re-Architecture
The Lift & Shift approach to application optimization is beneficial to a business or organization when the objective is to migrate an already existing application to a cloud-based system. Still, often these applications cannot handle the business needs of today without experiencing constant challenges, delays, and increases in costs. For many businesses, an application’s functionality can be as outdated as its technology. Cloud-native re-architecture, also referred to as re-architecting and rebuilding, can require significant investment, but the process allows businesses to leverage their existing data assets into a new system to modernize business processes. Application re-architecture services provide businesses with the benefits of cloud-based applications, including scalability, increased functionality, and the ability to run in public, private and hybrid cloud setups. The re-architecture of an existing application through artificial intelligence delivers a custom solution for a business's digital transformation.

In most cases, applications are run on either a public or private cloud-based system, but occasionally a business or organization may require some of their applications to remain on-premises or at a particular location. This may be due to data residency regulations, low latency, or localized processing of data. In both situations, a business would need to make sure that their apps can run seamlessly from one part of the cloud to the other, allowing for increased functionality for the application’s users to achieve the task at hand without running into technical issues. This hybrid data framework requires having appropriate infrastructure and machine learning in place so that apps and data can efficiently flow between the various clouds. This is an optimal solution for businesses who want to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities while maintaining some elements of their data infrastructure in-house.

Software / App Services

Architecture and Design Services

A company’s application architecture and design are often just as important as the systems and software they invest in, making a big difference to the performance of the company’s digital assets. JTA Technology Solutions’ highly skilled development team can modernize legacy applications and assets for clients with complex business environments. Whether you're looking at cloud architecture of your latest app, re-designing a better hybrid system for your company's digital assets or other re-development needs, JTA Technology Solutions can help you create the right system and design to fulfill your company's vision.

Custom Software Development

Although there’s a wide range of integrated software options available on the market, companies often require a fully customized solution to meet their business needs. JTA Technology Solutions can enhance the functionality of your operations by developing new software that consolidates application portfolios, modernizes legacy systems, and integrates software into existing IT systems. No matter how simple or complex the required solution is to make your company’s operations run more efficiently and effectively, our custom software developers will design the right software for a business’ needs.


TV & Digital Commercials
Video advertising has become an essential part of modern marketing strategies, allowing companies to reach prospective customers inside their homes and spread their message to a captive audience. JTA Technology Solutions’ Media Department has the advertising solutions your company needs to reach the right customers and expand your company. Our highly experienced marketing & advertising consultants can help identify your target audience and develop an effective, high-quality video advertisement that can assist in taking your business to the next level.
JTA Technology Solutions Magazine
Although the importance of digital marketing continues to grow exponentially, the number of magazine readers in the United States has significantly increased over the last decade. Print advertising is still an essential part of a marketing plan and can be combined with digital advertising for heightened exposure. If your company is interested in media marketing with JTA Technology Solutions Magazine, we can develop an effective advertisement to maximize your return on investment.


Colleges & Universities

JTA Technology Solutions has partnered with US colleges and universities to help expand the educational opportunities for IT professionals internationally. We encourage these institutions to open branches in Qatar and offer technology-driven, student-centered programs and initiatives, emphasizing specialty areas that highlight the market needs of the world’s top technology companies. JTA Technology Solutions seeks to bring leading higher-learning institutions to Qatar with the mission of transforming society through technology, education, and innovation.

Business Schools

In a similar fashion, we're also inviting US business schools to open branches in Qatar. As education is spread to parts of our work where it has traditionally been lacking, we can raise up marketing and business professionals who are able to work remotely, providing you with experts that have American educations at a lower cost overseas.

Talent Academic Training

To develop creative talent overseas, we've established Academic Art School with numerous brand-name directors and producers. This initiative provides training opportunities for arrange of budding international talent, providing them with support so that they can become a part of the program in Qatar.