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How Our IT Services Take Your Business to the Next Level

Improving Your Company's Cloud Enablement

Lift & Shift
Also known as rehosting and refactoring, this process takes your existing in-house infrastructure and moves it into the cloud. This makes it much easier for your people to work remotely, from whatever digital assets they have available. Rather than being bound by location, they can find the perfect situation to work in while still being able to access all of the information they need to get the job done. All of your existing applications are simply moved onto a cloud model without going through the process of redesigning the entire app, making it an economical option for many businesses to consider as they move towards remote and mobile work.

Cloud-Native Re-Architecture
Though lift & shift approaches move your existing apps into the cloud, they may be missing out on many of the benefits of using cloud-based applications, because they simply were not designed for that purpose from the beginning. Cloud-native re-architecture, or rearchitecting and rebuilding, can require significant investment, but it allows you to take your existing applications and turn them into applications that are truly cloud-native, providing you with the best possible benefits of cloud-based applications, including scalability and the ability to run in public, private and hybrid cloud setups. It allows you to use service meshes, microservices and similar approaches to provide optimal performance.

Typically, application is run in either a public or private cloud, but in some situations, you'll need to be able to have the best of both worlds. In other situations, you'll need some apps to remain on-premises or at a particular location because of data residency regulations, low latency or localized processing of data. In either situation, you'll need to make sure that your apps can run seamlessly from one part of your cloud to the other, making it much easier to keep your users happy and able to achieve the tasks that they need to complete without running into issues. This requires having appropriate infrastructure in place so that your apps and data are able to flow between the various clouds efficiently.

Software Services

Architecture and Design Services

As important as the systems and software that you invest in, your network's architecture and design can make just as big of a difference to the performance of your company's digital assets. Whether you're looking at cloud architecture of your latest app, designing a better hybrid system for your company's digital assets or other needs, we can help you create the right system and design for your company's needs.

Custom Software Development

Though there are a wider range of integrated software options available on the market than ever before, sometimes you just need a quality customized solution to meet your business' needs. No matter how simple or complex the solution you need to make your company's operations run more efficiently and effectively, we can help you develop and design the right software for your business' needs.


TV Commercial

Video is a big part of a modern marketing strategy, and being able to advertise on TV allows you to reach into the homes of prospective customers and spread your message to a captive audience. But how do you go about getting your company featured in a flattering, exciting way on television? Our experienced marketing consultants can help you develop a clever TV ad that will help take your business to the next level.


Did you know what differences there are between digital and print advertising? As the push for digital marketing continues to grow, marketing professionals who still have experience with print advertising are becoming more rare, but are still a very important part of your marketing plan. Whether you're looking for advertising in print or digital magazines, we can help you develop a solid ad that will help you maximize your return on investment


Colleges & Universities

We're also working with a range of US colleges and universities to help spread education of IT professionals into other countries. We're encouraging these colleges and universities to open branches in Qatar, making it easier for IT professionals overseas to find the training they need to be competitive on the world stage.

Business Schools

In a similar fashion, we're also inviting US business schools to open branches in Qatar. As education is spread to parts of our work where it has traditionally been lacking, we can raise up marketing and business professionals who are able to work remotely, providing you with experts that have American educations at a lower cost overseas.

Talent Academic Traning

To develop creative talent overseas, we've established Academic Art School with numerous brand-name directors and producers. This initiative provides training opportunities for arrange of budding international talent, providing them with support so that they can become a part of the program in Qatar.

Qatar Art & Football Festival

Qatar Art & Football Festival
As an Artistic International Film Festival specializing in Cinema, Photography, Painting and Caricature, the film festival and associated Music will be developed as a special event starting with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Photography “Football Fever”
International photography competition starting with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in public and professional sections to present best photos from the moments, fans getting together (after Covid-19) to start a new international life gathering.  

Kids Painting Festival “Balls, Colors, Dreams”
International painting competition for all kids around world with Football and Life subjects. Best Paintings will be presented and will receive prizes.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Documentary TV Series “My Football Family”
These series are about the families from different countries who love football and travel to Qatar to encourage their national team. These documentaries will be filmed in family’s origin country and in Qatar to share their experience from the moment they meet others in this journey.

Animation Series “Eastern Tales”
There will also be a new 52-episode animation series to present each country's culture, heroes and mythical tales in a style developed for the younger generation in Qatar to help promote awareness of other country' s cultural heritage.

Movie Productions
A movie production by professionals to show the realities of life, humanity and social interactions between these cultures.

The purpose of producing the said productions from one of the most important international events is to record the sweet moments of international gatherings and witness next generation the exciting after Covid-19.

Qatar Art & Football Festival

Achieving Exceptional Results with Brand Partners


Our partnership with Google allows us to engage with and innovate in the Google Cloud to help your business meet its customers' needs and take your business to the next level.


An IBM partnership means that we can leverage IBM training, development resources, technology and experts so that your company's digital resources can be grown and innovative from a company with a reputation for quality business machines.


From the top of the industry, Microsoft has a reputation for creating solid business solutions. Azure takes this commitment to the next level, and our partnership with this industry leader provides amazing opportunities to our clients.

Amazon AWS

As part of the AWS Partner Network, we can leverage Amazon Web Services to develop innovative services and dynamic solutions for our clients. We'll help you market, build and sell AWS offerings through outstanding support.


At AIIS, we understand that artificial intelligence isn't about replacing human employees. It's about supporting and empowering them - allowing them to do more with less, helping them to improve customer experiences and unlock bold new possibilities.

If you're ready to take your company to the next level, JTA Technology Solutions is here to help. Whether you need technical expertise, marketing assistance, training, event organization or other services, our experienced professionals are ready to take your company to the next level. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss your company's needs.